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Thaisa Erwin is proud to announce the inception of Erwin Equestrian, based in Middleburg, Virginia. Internationally respected Grand Prix rider, Thaisa has been working and riding here in the Eastern US for 11 years.

Erwin Equestrian is an intimate operation with a focus on complete dedication to the client and their individual horse or horses. If you are looking for high calibre training for either yourself or your horse please give us a call on 

 +1 919 536 8064

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Personal approach

Dedicated to the development of horses and riders for hunter, jumper and equitation competition

Intimate operation

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Hunter to Grand Prix

Equinus International


A strong track record of training and producing horses from the lower levels through to Grand Prix


An intimate operation with a focus on complete dedication to the client and their individual horse or horses


With an extensive global network and a focus on integrity we can source your perfect equine partner, from amateur horses to Grand Prix

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